New York Combinatorics Seminar

This seminar is sponsored by the CUNY Graduate Center's Math Department and Computer Science Department. It covers a wide range of topics in combinatorics and its applications.

Fridays from Noon till 1:00 pm ET

The CUNY Graduate Center is located at 365 Fifth Avenue (at the corner of 34th Street), New York. It can be easily reached by subway using the B,D,F,N,Q,R, or 6 train.

Seminar Co-Organizers (alphabetically): Kira Adaricheva (Hofstra) Deepak Bal (Montclair State) Nadia Benakli (City Tech) Jonathan Cutler (Montclair State) Ezra Halleck (City Tech), Sandra Kingan (Graduate Center & Brooklyn College), Joseph Malkevitch (Graduate Center & York College), Kerry Ojakian (BCC), Megan Owen ( Graduate Center &Lehman College), Anna Pun (Baruch College), Abigail Raz (Cooper Union) Eric Rowland (Hofstra) Mingxian Zhong (Graduate Center & Lehman College).

Spring 2023 Talks

Zoom Link forSpring 2023 Virtual Talks:
The link changes every semester, but the password stays the same. In person talks are specified in red.

Feb 10, 2023: Vinayak Joshi (Savitribai Phule Pune University, India)

Title : Chordal and Perfect zero-divisor graphs of posets and applications to graphs associated with algebraic structures

Abstract: In this talk, we discuss the characterizations of the perfect zero-divisor graphs and chordal zero-divisor graphs (its complement) of ordered sets. These results are applied to the zero-divisor graphs of finite reduced rings, the comaximal ideal graphs of rings, the annihilating ideal graphs, the intersection graphs of ideals of rings, and the intersection graphs of subgroups of groups. In fact, it is shown that these graphs associated with a commutative ring R with identity can be effectively studied via the zero-divisor graph of a specially constructed poset from R.

Feb 17, 2023: No Talk

Feb 24, 2023: Sheila Sundaram

Mar 3, 2023: Sergi Elizalde (Dartmouth University)

Mar 10, 2023:

Mar 17, 2023:

Mar 24, 2023: Zachary Hamaker (University of Florida)

Mar 31, 2023: Maria Chudnovsky (Princeton University) in person

Apr 7, 2023: Spring Break

Apr 14, 2023:

Apr 21, 2023:

Apr 28, 2023: No Talk

May 5, 2023:


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